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Have you been thinking of ways not to get involved with my live video challenge? Darling, I absolutely BEG you to think about it. Sure, it’s daunting. Yes, you’ll feel nervous at first. And Imposter Syndrome will pop up, that I can guarantee. But you know what you’ll feel after? […]

Truth Talks: What you need to know

Are you intrigued by Live Videos? Perhaps you’ve considered doing one but chickened out at the last minute? Maybe you have all the ideas but just need some accountability? Whatever it is: A combination of live videos and raw honesty is a great way to connect with your audience. Whether […]

Truth Talks: Live Video Challenge

I know you’ve arrived here thinking, “Why on earth would she unpublish her books?” Right? When I published my first book in 2013, I didn’t care for the quality of the writing. I had a half-arsed attempt at editing it, but the truth is that my grammar wasn’t great. The […]

Why I Unpublished my Books

Are you a fan of positive quotes and mantras? Do you love a freebie? I’ve created a handful of screensavers for myself, as I am constantly picking up my phone. But sharing is caring, right? It’s only right I share them with the wider sisterhood, in case you need a […]

FREEBIES: Screensavers

I’m in conversations with people who are ready to start a blog, and I’m excited for them. But it got me thinking. What about the people who are still unsure about taking the next step? What about those who have all the ideas but lack the confidence to try? It’s […]

Is blogging for you?

Way back when I had my old blog, long before I deleted it, I was writing post after post on writing. I’d positioned myself as the expert, as the voice of authority, sharing writing tips and wisdom. But towards the end, I began to hate writing for that blog. I […]

Room 204

When I arrived onto the creative scene in Birmingham in 2013, I thought I knew who I was. I didn’t have a clue about personal branding. I thought I was a writer who was starting to love herself. On some level, that is still true but over the years I’ve […]

Personal Branding: Who are you?

I’m a worrier. I used to worry so much I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rest and couldn’t relax. I worried about saying the wrong thing, making the wrong impression and shining too bright. All that emotional investment into everyone else was incredibly draining. So, over time I have learned to worry […]

Are you minding your own business?

I had a pretty awesome experience recently. I was invited by the incredible Marverine Cole,to be interviewed on camera by first year Journalism students at Birmingham City University. I spent two hours posing, strutting, holding my books and answering questions. Some had done their research and had viewed my website, […]

Annika Spalding On Writing: An Interview

First of all, can you believe it’s March already? I’m super excited about International Women’s Day, because the whole world joins me in celebrating women. Sure, we do it on other days of the year but I feel boosted by the combined energy and effort throughout March. There’s some awesome […]

March: Event List

This event is not for the 'gram. It's not for likes or follows or for shows. It's for women who have experienced trauma. It's for vulnerability. It's for sisterhood. Will you be there?

Thrive: A Safe Space for Women

If you’re a long-term follower of my work, you’ll notice the change in my content more recently. I’m sharing more than I’ve ever shared before. I’m being explicit about my experiences, on social media and here. I’m pouring out my stories of trauma and labelling it as such. Where I […]

No More Secrets

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