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When we remove our distractions, our triggers, our perceived competition, our peer updates and our notifications, all we are left with is ourselves. But that is all we need.

How I wrote 11k words in 14 Days.

I'm offering TWO 60 minute sessions via Skype to THREE women in January. These will be free, confidential and hold no obligations to purchase future sessions from me. Apply by Friday 11th January.

COMPETITION: Free Life Coaching in January

If you’re committed to being the best you can be and need the guidance of a Personal Coach, what happens when you can’t afford the fee? A few months ago I attended a women’s networking event. It wasn’t one I’d been to before but I went anyway, because I love […]

Can you afford Personal Development?

I’m officially back from my December Detox, a month-long break from all things social media. This time, I decided to make it more of a movement, and invited people online to join me. Over 80 people signed up. It’s been a great experience for everybody who has committed to giving […]

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We aren't our diagnosis, scars or worries. We aren't our negative thoughts, past experiences or self-doubts. Who we are lives under all of that, and it's time to bring that person out.

Can 2019 be our best year yet?

I feel like I’ve spent most of 2018 with fear in my mouth. Negativity invading my language, anxiety intruding on my thoughts, and fear interrupting my affirmations. I’m a writer, yes, published a few books, yes, studied a writing degree, yes, consulted with various creatives on content creation and personal […]

Are we creating without fear?

Whether you’ve followed me from my former blog, or you’re a brand new reader, welcome to my new blog! As I type this, I’m currently in my second week of my December Detox and I feel focused. My head is clear and my heart is roaring at me to type, […]


While I could dwell on the awful parts of last year, it would be totally unfair to not give any mention to all the things I loved. So, in no particular order, here are a 5 things this year that really, really made me smile.

5 things I loved about 2018

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