I used to be shy about being an author, like writing and publishing a book was something to be ashamed of. Silly, isn’t it? 

I’m working on new and wonderful things to add to my collection.

In the meantime, I invite you to browse what I have published so far…

Update: I recently decided to unpublish my first five books and you can read more about my decision here.

What’s Your Story?

This book is a warm introduction to anyone who is curious about life writing.

Have you got a lifetime of experiences that you want to write about? Perhaps you’re looking for a point to start? Maybe you just need some writing inspiration? Whatever it is,  this book could be exactly what you need to move forward.  

Broken down into easy-to-digest modules, with activities and reflective writing tasks, What’s Your Story? will encourage you to dig deep and pull out the gems in your past, ready for writing about.

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Get Back On Track With Self-Love

This Ebook will guide you on your journey of self-love. 

Self-love shouldn’t be a one-off act that you don’t repeat ever again; it should become part of your daily routine, embedded in your life until it feels normal. Because loving yourself should feel natural. However, it feels like a big effort a lot of us and this eBook will help remind you that you are, and always were, worth your effort.

Maybe this guide will remind you of your greatness. In other words, let’s get you back on track with self-love.

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If you’re looking for a book about rainbows and sunshine, this won’t be it.

This book is intentional about its representation of women’s lives. 

Reflections explores issues such as domestic violence, sexuality, parenthood and bereavement. Lose yourself in fictional reality; experience the trials of the characters, be drawn into lust and passion, let waves of emotion flood your heart and let the stories create an opportunity for you to reflect.

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This is a beautifully simple book; a collaboration of positive messages.

This book is a collaboration with Elisha Howe, a musician and actress.

Intended to be read randomly, at will and in no particular order, this book is indeed special.

Just close your eyes, ask a question and open the book on any page. And there you will find your message!

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The Soaring Butterfly

Are you fan of poetry?

When I discovered the spoken word community in Birmingham, I felt like I had found home. Finally being around creative people gave me the confidence to share my early work.

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Shattered Dreams

If you could leave it all behind and start again, would you?

Shattered Dreams follows the story of Kimberly, a woman who flees her abusive husband on a whim. Determined to rebuild her life and the relationships she left behind, she returns to her mother’s house. But settling back in is harder than she thought and it’s soon evident that her abuser is not far behind her…

This was my debut book, originally published in 2013.

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