I was once little girl with a love for stories which fuelled her imagination. She grew into an adult with endless stories to share.

Here are my published books, all of which can be purchased directly from Amazon.

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams is a novel which follows the journey of a woman leaving an abusive marriage. She returns to her family, eager to rebuild the connections she left behind, determined to leave the unhappiness of her past behind her. But she finds heartache and trauma in her loved ones, and soon her past catches up with her…






The Soaring Butterfly

This collection of early poetry documents significant moments of my life. From bereavement to motherhood, domestic violence and emancipation, this poetry anthology promises to be a refreshing read, offering an insight into the life of the author.







A collection of short stories focusing on womanhood, families, bereavement, and abuse. Loosely inspired by life events, Annika offers a break away from reality and a journey into the dark experiences of everyday women.







A simple but effective book of positive statements, designed to deliver wisdom through the page of your choice and boost your day.







Get Back On Track With Self-Love

Self-love shouldn’t be a one-off act that you don’t repeat ever again, it should become part of your daily routine, embedded in your life until it feels natural. Loving yourself should feel natural and perhaps right now it doesn’t feel that way, but I’m hoping that eventually it will.

And maybe this guide will help you get back on track with self-love.






What’s Your Story?

A book for people who are open to embarking on a writing journey using the tool of self-development. Being a writer is more than putting pen to paper, it’s about being at a point where you can stand in your truth and write without fear.

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