First and foremost, let me introduce myself as a proud mother of two fantastic girls. I am committed to giving them a different experience of childhood to the one that I had, and the death of my mother has been my primary motivation to build an empire that my children will inherit one day.

I want to inspire my girls to dream big and guide them into adulthood by being the best role model possible.  I know that children rarely listen to what we say as parents, they learn so much more from what we do. So I teach my girls to be fearless and motivated, as I overcome anxiety, depression, and circumstances to achieve my dreams.

As a child, I was consumed with the magic of stories, allowing my imagination to lurk within the pages of books, escaping the harsh reality of growing up with domestic violence. As an adult, I’ve learned to place value in my writing and open up the doors to my journey to encourage others to do the same.

Award-winning Author

My books Shattered Dreams (2013), The Soaring Butterfly (2014), Reflections (2015), Shine (2015), Get Back on Track with Self-Love (2017) and What’s Your Story? (2017) are all self-published and are available on Amazon.

Winner of the Author of Colour award at BEXLive 2016.


Writing Coach

I work 1:1 with people who are serious about writing a book. I offer free consultations to people who are ready to commit to their writing goals. You can find out more about the packages and how to book your free consultation here.


Workshop Facilitator

I offer a series of workshops around creative writing and self-love/confidence building. I also deliver these in webinars on occasion. I can create workshops on request to suit the needs of the audience. If any of this interests you, please read more about it here.


Public Speaker

I am an experienced public speaker who has spoken at book launches, award ceremonies, and exhibitions. While I write now, my former experience of working with children and families enables me to speak confidently on a wide variety of topics.

Areas I can speak on:

Writing a book

Write Your Way To Success

Overcoming anxiety and depression


Female Empowerment

Domestic Violence

Childhood Domestic Violence

Using social media to build a brand